Application process for foreign students in professional development education programs

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  1. Foreign students are enrolled in two accredited professional development education programs
    • 20P811021 Catering Services; Program Name: European Cuisine
    • 20P483011 Computer Systems, Databases and Computer Networks; Program Name: Computer Systems Technologies
  2. Admissions take place twice a year, beginning of September and January.
  3. The tuition fee for the program in English is € 2000, in Russian € 1500.
  4. One time fee for document processing – € 200.
  5. Applicants may apply for training electronically or in person every working day from 9 am to 4 pm
  6. The following documents must be submitted electronically or in person in order to apply for training:
    • A copy of your passport
    • A completed school studies questionnaire
    • Copies of documents attesting to previous education, translated into Latvian or English. The learner can submit any document certifying his / her current education (primary, secondary or higher). Persons without primary education are not admitted.
  7. Upon receipt of the documents, the school shall conduct a candidate examination to determine the individual’s motivation and purpose for the selected educational program and shall verify the individual’s language skills at which the individual intends to acquire the educational program.
  8. Testing and Skype interview are used for candidate verification.
  9. Upon receipt of a positive opinion on the examination, the person shall pay for the processing of the documents and the School shall prepare the necessary documents for submission to the Office of Citizenship and Migration.