Computer systems technologies

Through the Professional Development Program, students gain an understanding of the installation, configuration, and diagnosis of computer hardware, software, and office equipment; with the simple creation of computer networks, the preparation and maintenance of a database.

You will learn the following professional subjects:

  • Information technology
  • Computer hardware design
  • Electrical engineering and electronics
  • Electronic engineering materials and measurements
  • Software provisioning
  • Programming basics and database management
  • Computer hardware assembly and montage
  • Computer networks
  • Labor protection


Upon successful completion of the program, a certificate of professional development education is issued.


Studies take place from 8.30am to 4pm, according to the lesson schedule.


qualification level

1.5 years

duration of studies


tuition fee


submission of documents


Secondary education is required

How to apply?

You can apply for the training program electronically on the website by submitting the required documents in electronic format. In order for us to enroll you, you will need to present the original documents afterwards. You can also apply for the training in person at announced admission times.

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